OSW: Summer Cooldown

It’s hot and muggy outside. Why don’t we take out drinks, and cool out after
the sun sets?

School Wednesday: Summertime Cooldown.

01 – DeBarge – Stay With Me. I was actually thinking
about Notorious B.I.G. and thought I would dig in the crates for the song he sampled
02 – Daryl Hall & John Oates – One on One.
Blue eyed soul at it’s
03 – The Chi-Lites – Give It Away.
I was thinking Swing Out Sister’s
influences when I pulled this out the crate.
04 – Switch – Don’t Take My Love Away.
mentioned that this was one of her favorite B-sides from them, so I pulled it
05 – Stevie Wonder – Rocket Love.
I could have done an entire radio blog
of Stevie’s cooldown tracks to represent this summer.
06 – Michael Jackson – It’s The Falling In Love.
Remember this cut from
Off The Wall?
07 – Alexander O’neal – Look At Us Now.
From his debut abum.
08 – Michael Cooper – Dinner for Two.
From Love Is Such A Funny Game.
09 – Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love.

10 – Lionel Richie – Love Will Find a Way.
From Can’t Slow Down.
11 – Gwen Guthrie – (They Long To Be) Close To You.
A great cover of
a hit by The Carpenters.
12 – Soul II Soul – Missing You.
Kym Mazell lights up this track.
13 – Colonel Abrams – Table For Two.
He was known mostly for his house
tracks, but this mellow cut was overlooked.
14 – Pebbles – Baby Love.
From her debut album.
15 – Portrait – You.


19 thoughts on “OSW: Summer Cooldown

  1. F*** Hall!! It’s all about The Oates, b!tches!!!
    The Switch track has me reminiscing about my Jheri Curl mullet… hmm…
    Isn’t it illegal to have Colonel Abrams and Michael Cooper in the same arby!!!
    You’re in trouble Mr!!!
    Classic Material Mayne!!

  2. “A female Shakespeare of your time
    With looks to blow Picasso’s mind”-Rocket Love
    If ever I wanted to live up to those words LOL
    Thanks man…this was def coooool…

  3. ok I said that before I hit play…now I have to go get the speakers off the desktop for the laptop!!!
    EJ Let’s get up on a list….

  4. Okay, I know you ask, “Why doesn’t this bitch LISTEN to the whole radioblog or at least READ all the tracks before she comments???” LOL Ummm… that’s no fun!!! LOL First off, I LOVE Rocket Love… one of my favorites by Stevie. LOVE HIM!!! And the Off the Wall album was the greatest MJ album of all time. Oh and the Michael Cooper cut is cool… but I looooooooooooved “Over and Over.” OMG.. that song… *rifling through boxes to find old cassingles*

  5. Okay, you know it’s just not right if I don’t comment at LEAST three times. But I love you EJ!!! LOL Umm… is that Missing You? *slapping EJ across both cheeks with wet leather glove while singing and swaying and remembering… * Wow. Wow… “that’s the way, I’m missing you boy…” STOP PLAYING!!! LOL
    Umm… and don’t tell anyone but “Love Will Find a Way” that was my SHIT!!! And I HATED all things Lionel Richie that were not Commodore-related. But THAT song was my shit.
    Okay, I’m done. *kicking EJ one last time for putting damn “missing you” on here and making me melancholy*

  6. Wow. I haven’t heard some of these songs in years…Rocket Love makes my heart skipppp…yikessssss!! I’ll always love Off The Wall…one of my all time favorites…

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