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OSW: Summertime Hip Hop

It’s summertime and what better time for some hip hop? Presenting:

School Wednesday: Summertime Hip Hop.

Thanks to my pal, Godizus, we’re able to spin a little hip-hop. Check

01 – 3rd Bass – Pop Goes The Weasel
02 – Arrested Development – Mr. Wendel
03 – Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’
04 – Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)
05 – Chubb Rock – Treat Em Right
06 – Dana Dane – Cinderfella Dana Dane
07 – D Nice – My Name Is D Nice
08 – EPMD – Crossover
09 – Fu-Schnickens – La Schmoove
10 – Kid N Play – Rollin’ With Kid N Play
11 – Leaders of the New School – Case of the P.T.A.
12 – MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
13 – Nice And Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
14 – Queen Latifah Feat Monie Love – Ladies First
15 – Special Ed – I Got It Made
16 – Afros – Feel It
17 – Three Times Dope – The Greatest Man Alive

Turn it up…..

13 Responses “OSW: Summertime Hip Hop”

  1. 27 July 2005 at 08:53

    *does the wop*
    I�m your idol, the highest title, numero uno
    I�m not a puerto rican, but I�m speakin so that you know..

  2. 27 July 2005 at 08:59

    And now my morning can begin…thank ya love.

  3. 27 July 2005 at 09:21

    What???? No DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Summertime”, c’mon EJ you killin’ me.

  4. godizus
    27 July 2005 at 10:09

    Patience, young grasshoppa…this is just part 1, there will definitely be some DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince in part 2…it is already in the works…

  5. chica
    27 July 2005 at 11:51

    Hooked for the rest of the day. godizus and ej…you two are mindreaders. Thank you so much. Three Times Dope, D Nice, Big Daddy Kane…mindreaders indeed.

  6. 27 July 2005 at 13:04

    *doing the wop with Nikki*

  7. 27 July 2005 at 14:10

    Nice……this has been the relief for a stressful day.
    Thanks dawg,

  8. 27 July 2005 at 17:01

    “Well you can cha cha cha to this mardi gras, I’m the dopest female that you’ve heard thus far, and I do get betta the voice gets wetta, nobody get’s hurt as long as you let her…” -MC Lyte
    That took me back. That was one of my favorite songs back in the day:)

  9. 28 July 2005 at 05:25

    @Nikki: you know how we do.
    @QueenT: you’re more than welcome.
    @Terecico…what Godizus said. We could have had 50 songs for you, but we couldn’t overload you like that, could we?
    @chica: thanks. we really appreciate it.
    @Carla: you and Nikki astound me! 😉
    @Stone: you’re more than welcome. thanks for reminding me to check out Couch Sessions. it slipped my mind. blame my wayward self. it won’t happen again.
    @Meka: good stuff, isn’t it?

  10. MTT
    28 July 2005 at 10:48

    Yo EJ – nice work overall, especially the 3XDope track (although I was hoping for some “Funky Dividends”) – maybe that’ll be in Round 2 along with some Heavy D…cain’t go wrong with either of them for some old school summertime grooves.

  11. 28 July 2005 at 12:16

    bouncing.doing the prep
    … do my thing with a 89 swing… Visiting time I think its on a Sunday… THey only get one day to shine… Kick Kick Kick this one for me and EJ

  12. 28 July 2005 at 15:07

    La schmoove, E ain’t got nuttin’ ta prove….HA!

  13. burnes
    2 July 2006 at 18:36

    The Afros Rule!

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