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friday melodies xi

It’s the end of a busy workweek and there’s not much to report. All I know is
that Lynne, Ronn,
and a couple of other Leo’s have had birthdays that have kept
themselves under the radar.

Everything else? Well, it’s the music of course.
1. Jamie Cullum’s
CD Twentysomething
has just arrived, so I’ll be absorbing that this weekend, captivated by Michelle’s
testimony of it.

2. Swing Out Sister‘s
new CD, Where
Our Love Grows
, was released last month overseas. You know I couldn’t wait,
so it’s in my player this weekend as well.
3. Swing Out Sister, Jean
, and Boney James
CDs were in my hands on the same day. Eclectic or strange? You decide.

And yes, I have not forgotten. There’s a lot that needs to be said about exponent
this weekend. That’s my main goal right now, so stay tuned.

Melodies XI.

01. Swing Out Sister – Love Won’t Let You Down.
02. HeavyDo For
. I received their EP from Moods Music. I’ll disperse more info as I
can get my hands on it.
03. En Vogue – Losin’ My Mind. From Soul
04. Incognito – Close My Eyes.
05. Next – Too Close.
06. Black Eyed Peas featuring Esthero – Weekend.
07. DJ Zeph – Midnight Crewsade.
08. Santessa – Irresistable. From Delirium.
09. Michael Johnson featuring Santessa – Play The Game. From Vibrations.
10. Jean Grae – Love Song.
11. Platinum
Pied Pipers
featuring Neco Red – I Luv 2 U. From Extra Medium’s
Bill. He got
me hooked.
12. Loose Ends – Don’t You Ever (Try To Change Me).
13. Teena Marie – Hit Me Where I Live. From La
. I still have mixed feelings about this CD. Not as good as I want it
to be.
14. Swing Out Sister- Let the Stars Shine.
15. Jamie Cullum – Frontin’. I loved this outtake of the original.
16. GoapeleCloser.

Love won’t let you down.

8 Responses “friday melodies xi”

  1. 20 August 2004 at 09:04

    Another great mix. Thanks, EJ! Have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. 20 August 2004 at 16:09

    I’m gonna find that CD Platinum Pied Pipers and make you hate.

  3. 20 August 2004 at 18:37

    Happy Weekend EJ!

  4. 21 August 2004 at 02:20

    06. Black Eyed Peas featuring Esthero – Weekend.
    That was my fave track from like, 5 years ago! You wouldn’t happen to have a copy of this to send to a peer, would you?

  5. 21 August 2004 at 14:43

    I love Teena Marie’s new CD… so much so that I ended up buying it twice…

  6. 21 August 2004 at 22:20

    I’ll give it another go, Rocka, but it ain’t hittin’ me. I keep hearing Manny Fresh and it’s making me cringe.

  7. 21 August 2004 at 22:41

    #12 Loose Ends – Nuff said!

  8. 22 August 2004 at 04:49

    EJ, I have an interview with Swing Out Sister (from 2001) I did when I was doing stuff for eJaVe Internet Radio. I think it is in RealAudio format. Ya want?

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