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flavors for hire.

(Please note that the Blog
Deficiency Correctional
officers have been after me again. They’re crackin’ the whip. What can I say?)

Contracting sucks. I just thought I’d tell you that.

As a rule, I’ve never been one to have trouble finding- or keeping- a job. The
problem with contracting, however, is perpetual renewals of contracts which
are less of a real job and more like carrots stringing the dutiful along.

I’ve been eatin’ way too many carrots these days. And now it seems that my contract,
which used to be renewed every six months had moved to renewal every season,
and now finally, every calendar month. Not good.

Plan B- to find a full-time job, is now in full effect. Need a technical architect?
I’m your guy. Resumes available on request.

5 Responses “flavors for hire.”

  1. 17 June 2004 at 07:31

    I can definitely relate. The uncertainty of not knowing when or if the next check is coming truly sucks.

  2. 17 June 2004 at 07:52

    Good luck. I too can relate. I hope you find something soon in your area. Keep your chin up. 🙂

  3. 17 June 2004 at 13:32

    Remind not to smack you upside your head for this post.

  4. 17 June 2004 at 13:40

    see if yo’ ass wasn’t on the other team we could talk dollas & cents for services rendered. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  5. 18 June 2004 at 16:25

    You have not even used .5 of your 9 lives so I am certain that you will land on your feet.

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