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new york bound

The exhaustion has lifted. I’m now packed, and ready for New York City for the weekend. This time, I’m bringing my digital camera.For all who don’t know, there’s a Blog Family Reunion. Check here for further details. I’ll be blogging throughout the weekend as time permits.

7 Responses “new york bound”

  1. 28 February 2004 at 23:46

    So terribly sorry that I’m missing your visiting, EJ. Hope to catch you (definitely!) on your next trip!
    Hope your trip’s going well!

  2. 29 February 2004 at 10:44

    wow…this is, wow…i love that you broke down the blogosphere 2 me like that. it only took me, oh, 3-4 years to be more yin about it than yang….connections, baby. keen interests and connections. (snaps fingers like a beatnik). i’m glad you found what you needed. beady belle is delicious like that.

  3. 29 February 2004 at 11:03

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. 1 March 2004 at 09:45

    OOh… I want to go! I haven’t gone to NY since I went to a MacWorld conference in… 2002(?). It was my first time there & I loved it! Have a safe trip!

  5. Ryan
    1 March 2004 at 20:20

    it was great seeing you again, Eric–though ill probably not receive an email from you in like another two years! 🙂
    just joking…so yea ill start a blog a friend of mine (whom you probably already know) gave me a list or suggestions for the name of my blog..the title i gave you is too damn long so im going with another one.
    have a good week and ill talk to you soon.

  6. 3 March 2004 at 23:43

    Black History Month Coda

    The 29 days of Black History Month ended with a fantastic weekend! I was in the street every night from Thursday to Sunday hanging out…

  7. 4 March 2004 at 15:29

    Are you gonna update us on the New York trip soon? Those of us we weren’t in attendance are nosy and want to know what happened…lol

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