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cecily visits

cecily visits

It’s all about meeting the cool people here. Cecily is
no exception. No shyness there, and completely down to earth. We genuinely
glad to see her, and the meeting was too short.

While sitting at Starbucks around the corner here, we talked about the blogging
universe, being in school and dealing with daily life, life without being with
R., and being in the South versus being in Vancouver where multiple ethicities
along the masses. The meeting was far too short, and I’m sure we’ll be meeting

20 Responses “cecily visits”

  1. 21 December 2003 at 17:14

    Meeting C. was so dope. And easy like Sunday morning. A beautiful spirit.

  2. 21 December 2003 at 17:23

    Everybody lookin’ all good and errythang. 🙂 I’m glad you all had a wonderful time.

  3. 21 December 2003 at 19:22

    ej, you look so adorable in this pic.

  4. 22 December 2003 at 00:40

    So about that dinner invitation again… *smacks lips*

  5. 22 December 2003 at 00:41

    Oh and J – you’re not slick. I’m mad about getting out of there without a goodbye hug. You owe me, brother!

  6. 22 December 2003 at 09:08

    My sincere apologies. But trust – I’ll make it up at dinner!

  7. 22 December 2003 at 10:15

    As some of you have observed, I have been surfing your blogs, making a few comments here and there, getting to know you from the outside looking in, through your public sharing. It warms my heart to see that the camaraderie that you have online extends genuinely offline.
    Cecily, continue to enjoy your stay in Atlanta and I wish you all a joyous Christmas, continued good health, and an abundance of love and prosperity in the New Year!
    As for my blog? Said in my best Jamaican accent . . . “Soon Come Mon”! (smile)(and no I am not Jamaican, I just visit the island a lot)

  8. 22 December 2003 at 14:08

    spending some time with good company is a good feeling, hopefully i’ll get to me some of my bloggers whose journals i read.

  9. 22 December 2003 at 21:29

    Great pic! And I’m envious. I already met ej, but can’t wait to meet the other gentlemen of the DIC, and especially my blogmother, C.
    Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season.

  10. 23 December 2003 at 00:26

    Aight, so did anyone convince C that she must come to the family outing. I too love that we are all getting to meet one another in real life, and find that we do like one another. Who said that the web can’t build real relationships and community.
    And C. did those crazy boys have you laughing? They always have me in stitches.
    Yo, Ronn, I’m with you. If I never met George or Cecily, this would all be so wild to me. For w/out them, I don’t think my blog would exist. They kept me going back in ’01 when I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. They were encouraging always.
    Anyway, I think it’s time we get formalized with that family reunion. Too many of us are actually meeting one another out there, but not all of us are meeting one another.

  11. 23 December 2003 at 11:04

    Lynne, I’m convinced, but my wallet isn’t. Also, the timing for the family reunion isn’t the best: it’s right at the end of the school year for me, so even if I had the $$, I couldn’t take the time off.

  12. 24 December 2003 at 01:00

    Lovely pic. Lovely smiles. Lovely. 🙂

  13. 24 December 2003 at 07:16

    Y’all look gorgeous.

  14. 24 December 2003 at 15:52

    How the hell you get J. in that picture?

  15. 24 December 2003 at 16:48

    Word. Now that I think about it, how you get J in that picture. I got him in pics, but if I remember correctly he asked that I not post them. And from the same meeting he only posted pics that he wasn’t in.
    BTW, if I don’t speak to you guys, Happy Anniversary. We first met last New Year’s eve into the New Year. I can’t believe a year has passed us by already.
    Cecily – understood. Hopefully I get to meet you one day.

  16. 25 December 2003 at 10:29

    …and a merry Christmas to you two, EJ!

  17. 25 December 2003 at 23:52

    Very beautiful photo!!!

  18. 26 December 2003 at 23:56

    I’m trying to overcome my “don’t take/post pics of me” phobia. It’s starting to come off as arrogance and that’s not my intent. Just don’t expect any brotherlove photo collages any time soon.

  19. 28 December 2003 at 18:50

    And all this time j I thought that guy on your blog was you. LOL

  20. 31 December 2003 at 08:36

    Happy New Year my lil package of FLAVOR aide. (that’s ghetto Kool-Aide in case you too bougie to know what that is)

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