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my prime!!!

Prime says that we should get wood or silverware or tickets, and you know, I’m inclined to agree.
This was a pretty good day. I still say I’m one of the people who don’t really mind doing things like watching television in bed while playing with a computer.

4 Responses “my prime!!!”

  1. 1 July 2003 at 11:19

    Sorry I’m a day late but Happy Anniversary to both of you and many, many more.
    Do you have a joint wishlist for gifts?

  2. 1 July 2003 at 12:13

    Isn’t there a box of toothpicks on the kitchen counter?

  3. 1 July 2003 at 14:28

    Michelle – Unfortunately, no. We never thought about doing that. We’ll just have more of you and B. and C. and that’s all that will make us happy. 😉

  4. Rod McCoy
    19 July 2003 at 22:29

    Well, I am about three weeks late but i want to wish you both a happy belated Anniversary!!! How many years has it been? Three or four?

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