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8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning….
831, Lisa Stansfield, “Face Up”

Numerically speaking:
98 was the year I got the Yahoo! login flavors98 because a certain person was accessible through Yahoo then. The login still stands.
36 is a particularly common age here.
8104 which then turned into 1362. A mutual investment that now includes two best friends and is, without a doubt, something truly spectcular.
5 is the number of years a certain relationship has withstood and will be together for a number of years that equals 20 times that, i’m sure.
831, booblah. 831.

12 Responses “831”

  1. 30 June 2003 at 01:12

    AHHH!! All those numbers.. I hate numbers and was never good at math.
    But ahhh I do recall 5 years ago as if it were yesterday. – Two Potato, one dollar bills, and a strategically spilled Gin & Tonic! I still have the card that you gave me ALL of your numbers on – how’s that for being sentimental.
    I Love you more than words can say.

  2. 30 June 2003 at 09:30

    Stop it! I’m getting weepy! I mean…
    You two complement each other so well. Some ways are obvious, others, only you know. But, I consider myself lucky to have watched your relationship bloom.

  3. Bernard
    30 June 2003 at 12:20

    *Tito, bring me some tissue*…. you’re killing me here with the sentimentality…..
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MIKE & ERIC. The two of you are truly special…. much love to you both from the one and only… Me (smile).

  4. 30 June 2003 at 12:58

    happy anniversary!! 🙂

  5. 30 June 2003 at 16:10

    You guys … *hug!* I feel so blessed to be one of the people sitting at that table that night. I remember looking for something else, but what I got far surpassed what I thought I wanted. Thank you both for your love and friendship over the years. I love you.

  6. Lee
    30 June 2003 at 16:20

    Happy Anniversary you two. It seems that timing is everything … I hope you both spend the rest of your time together falling in love with each other again everyday!

  7. 30 June 2003 at 17:51

    Wow…anniversaries everywhere! Happy anniversary you two!

  8. 30 June 2003 at 17:55

    Give Us Us Wood or Silverwear or Tickets…..

    Today marks five years of courtship, relationship, sharing, and blending of my life with EJ over @ ejflavors.com According to…

  9. 30 June 2003 at 19:54

    Oh, and I figured it out.. damn numbers..
    831 too!

  10. 1 July 2003 at 13:28

    Ya’ll is my inspiration. Happy Anniversary and many, many more years to come.

  11. 13 July 2003 at 18:48

    if i only can make it to five years. happy anniversary and sorry i wasn’t around to wish it to you sooner.

  12. RACHEL
    18 July 2003 at 10:56


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