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world AIDS day – the bloggers

world AIDS day participants

My personal contribution World AIDS day is the entry below you.
There are others that you should be clicking to as well, and will be updated all day today. Remember to Link And Think.

Donald Agarrat has encouraged
myself and others to think.
Anil has also spoken.
J-Notes, whom I’ve known for
15 years, has
Jason encourages one
love, one world
Ronn promotes and encourages

KD makes us remember that silence=death.

J. Brotherlove, of course,
has found another way to promote

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2 Responses “world AIDS day – the bloggers”

  1. earnest
    1 December 2002 at 15:02

    [Retrosoective question posed by “father”]
    Once you know what to do and have an agenda,what will you do with what you know?

  2. 1 December 2002 at 21:40

    Earnest, is that question directed to anyone in particular?
    And, if you pose that question to yourself, what would the answer be?

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