and then i woke up

Can’t no one else but me do….
Can’t Nobody
, Kelly
, ‘Simply

I swear I was intending on making travel arrangements, of getting the house
in order, of watching television, and blogging.

And then I fell asleep. Damnit.

I woke up to Whitney Houston’s new video which had Bobby Brown in it, and ran
right across Jason’s thoughts.
OkayPlayer had a nice
visual representation of Whitney and Bobby.

those two together are like...Whitney
: "Me and Bobby can’t wait to crack open the CD
tomorrow. We’ve been fiendin’ for it to hit the streets for
a while. Congratulations on ya new jointQuality!"

I had Famous Amos cookies with my meds, with one problem – no milk. Thanks to
MJ’s suggestion
soy milk could be a good subsitute for it. I’ll try that tomorrow. I tried to
roll with the blog, only to roll into problems. Seems that blogrolling
looked good, only to make my right side of my website shorter. Normally, that’s
always been the case, and hasn’t been an issue for me, but then it seems that
everything under the text on the right hand side would be truncated. After screaming
and yelling, I started searching and I found the answer here.

And then I read more blogs, and when reading through Yahoo!
about Gordon
thanks to Ronn,
I chanced upon South African prisoners ‘punish’
with HIV. What started out as a night that was on it’s way back up went right
back down the drain again.

Gang members who are HIV-positive are ordered to rape "disobedient"
inmates in a ritual known as "slow puncture." A prison inspection
spokesman confirmed the practice on Thursday and said it may be spreading in
several of the country’s prisons, Reuters Health reported.

South Africa has more people living with HIV than any other country in the world.
An estimated 4.8 million people, or 1 in 9 adults, have the virus.

This made me more vigilant about the spread, treatment and cure of HIV and I picked
up the phone again and made more phone calls to spread my assistance. That will
definitely keep me more awake these days.

Back to the neverending story…

2 thoughts on “and then i woke up

  1. I was just flippin’ through my current issue of Essence and I saw an ad for Whitney’s album … and after seeing your post — I can’t look at her the same.

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