the heat

Don’t you know we can fly?
Give Me The Night, George Benson, ‘Give Me The Night’
Oh man, where do I start? This past weekend was all over the place.
Well, let’s start at the beginning of the party weekend. Prime (hereafter known as Mr. VIP Mike) was busy at the hotel for most of the hotel. I took it easy, did some prep work (very little), and helped hold DIC down.
Friday afternoon I drive up to the hotel to assist and to attend the mayoral festivities which were to take place. As I drive in the parking deck, I get too close to the wall. Okay, maybe I hit the wall just before I found a parking spot. I figure that it’s not a big deal and that I may just have a fender bender so I just park and go to the festivities in the hotel.

Friday evening begins the long but festive weekend. The opening ceremony of ITLA events is one of the most spectacular I’ve seen in a while. I walk into the room and I see people running everywhere getting ready for the event. Mike is one of the prime coordinators, and as such will not stop running. Donald, as effervescent as ever, was being his fierce usual self.
It’s Friday night and I head into the meeting and I’m thrilled by the festivities taking place. And then it happens….the Mayor comes out and makes a speech. After her speech, she is presented a plaque from Mike and Mamah, the other co-chair. As soon as the plaque changes hands, cameras start to flash and pictures are taken….all without me in them. Trying to catch up with the mayor proves to be futile. Trying to keep up with the board members after the photo op also is not possible, thus leaving me without a photo. Undaunted, I return to my vehicle to drive home. I notice that there’s a bent fender, slightly pushed into the vehicle. I figure that it’s okay the way it is, and I can just go on and drive it home and get ready for Saturday.
As I drive down the parking deck, I hear scrapes. I turn down the music and I realize it comes from me. I figure it’s not a big thing, that I can get through it. Only problem is, the more I put on brakes, the more I hear scrapes. I pay and leave the parking deck. As I drive home I start to realize the more bouncing I do the more noises I hear. Luckily the roads are clear and I make it home to hear a minimum of scrapes. Or so I think.
The next day, I warn Boom that he may want to check the vehicle to make sure that there had been no disastrous effects, and tell him about the scratching. After he comes back from the store, he looks at me in horror and says ‘I don’t think you should drive it!’ Oh no….it’s not metal scraping against metal- it’s the fender scraping against the front left tire. Horrified, the car is left in the garage until something is done. This puts a huge dent in being vehicular for the weekend but I’m still hopeful.
Since J.Brotherlove is out doing things on Saturday, Mike is busy being being the wonderful co-chair of one of the best years that I’ve seen in quite some time, and Boom is out working, I figure that we would be okay by just taking Saturday easy and everything would fall into place.
Well, I fall asleep, and everything falls out of the sky from that point on. Not necessarily a bad thing mind you, but quite different.
I end up sleeping most of the day Saturday (for some reason I was undeniebly exhausted). Because of the receipt of RSVPs via email, voice mail, cell phone and hoiuse phone, the number of expected guests slowly rise above 140. Not to panic, I figure that we would be working on things on Sunday and that everything would work out just fine. Things seemed to get a little hectic at the house however when Auntie Cora comes to the house to start preparing things for the Sunday. Seeing that the brunch for ITLA (coordinated by Prime) was at 1pm the next dayand shopping was concluded at 11pm on Saturday night, it would definitely be tight.
On Sunday, I start to feel the hectic, fast paced preparation that had to be done for the brunch. Prime and I went to the store to pick up food for the soiree for that evening. With J.Brotherlove purchasing the liquor of choice (and make no mistake, he’s superior in that- but I digress), we figure that the food purchases would be okay, and that we were well prepared for the party. When we get back, I take a good look at the kitchen, which looks more like a military food zone for the Free World than a regularly decorated space. Not to fear, I went to go take my meds for the day and start the Super Sunday off with a bang.
The bang turns into a whimper which then turns into a blood-curdling scream. I seems I have run out of one of the medicines I am used to taking. This could affect the medicine flow of the day if I can’t get to the pharmacy up the street. However, since I didn’t have my SUV available, this proves to be a dire consequence. Trying to find a drive up to the store also proves to be futile: Prime was busy for the rest of the day and may be able to pick up the meds when he returned from brunch, but at best it would be a close call. J.Brotherlove had lots of things to prepare and execute the soiree which left me panicked but slightly hopeful.
Finally, by late afternoon, Auntie Cora shows up and we run quickly to the store to pick up last minute party stuff and medicine. With assistance by myself, Wood + 1 and XL, everything seems to be slowly getting itself in order.I’m calm now, and the food had pretty much been taken care of, but with the party starting at 10pm and with it being around 6pm, it gets a bit hectic. Somehow we Prime and J.Brotherlove managed to get it together and the party began without a hitch in the 10pm timeframe. (Insert second bookmark here).
As the party begins, security agent and longtime friend Mr. Duke arrives looking splendid as usual and uses the laptop to verify the list of invitees and to disallow those who weren’t invited and/or weren’t recognized from entering DIC. Mr. Duke’s longtime paramour Doctor S. came as a surprise to me as one of the security officers at the party. I hadn’t seen him in more than a year and we gave each other a huge hug since I consider him one of my only son and he calls me Little Daddy. [Of course, with son being 9 inches taller than me, lots of muscles on his body and with a mean look on his face half the time only underscores me being called Little Daddy]. Maz arrives just before the party starts. With him being one of the best bartenders around, he sets up downstairs in our grand room.
Around 10:30, SSgt arrives with a big towtruck (his employment) and becomes the greeter at the door. With Mr. Duke and his prerequisite Grand Marnier, a paramour, and friend for company, the spaces near the front door are set. The decks are opened, the music starts playing in the family room, the selected playlist plays down on the party level, and we’re ready to start. Auntie Cora prepares more food, R&D arrive with cakes (made by them mind you), and the party begins.
My Sister, Nephew, and his Girlfriend arrive early which surprises me. Whitechick arrives soon after. They hold the kitchen area as their spot for a majority for the evening. We all soon discover that Maz makes a good drink. No, make that a great drink. In fact, it’s so great, you only need one to feel it’s effects. Just ask anyone. (Mental note: drink only one drink, tip him well, and you’ll survive the party. Any more than one drink and you’re on your own).
I spend a lot of time greeting people at the door and ensuring people are okay downstairs. I also answer both phones to give people directions and I carefully pace the green apple martini, being careful to drink slowly lest I turn into the drunk host and stumble up and down stairs. Some of my highlights of the party:
Mr. Whiteheat attends the party, stunning quite a few people – including me. (See J.Brotherlove for a picture). [Me, on my way downstairs: “Hi, I’m e j, how are you?” WH: “I’m doing fine.” Me: “You are working it well with the outfit!” WH: “Why thank you.” (Twirls head. Prances downstairs).]
Miss Anna has to be taken for a walk at 12AM to take care of much needed relief. Taking her outside proves to be an arduous task, seeing that everyone is a friend of Miss Anna, and taking her out and bringing her back in is a 15 minute exercise in futility [Miss Anna: Oh, I really have to use it- wait, who are these people?! Oh, I could lick them all night! And look at these balloons! And who’s this security guard who wants to pick me up? I’ll lick him too! Oh my! He just squealed!]
Donald arrives. [Me: “How’s the party?” Donald (looks around and stares back with a big grin on his face.) “YES!”]
Sy arrives at the party. [Me: “Be careful, these drinks can be potent!” Sy: “Oh yeah, this is my seventh one…” Me: Oh, okay. (Tiptoes away)]
Nephew goes for something to eat. [Me: “Hey, what do you have on that plate! That thing is huge!” Nephew: “Oh, it ain’t nothin’!” (Girlfriend arrives with second plate, just as big as the first) “Hey, did you want a wing too? You can have one!”]
Security guards may be watching you. You should feel secure, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their pants are. [Sister: “E, who is that? Tell him to pull his pants up!” Mr. Duke: “Doctor S, pull up them panties!” Doctor S (Looks at me), “Daddy, tell him to shut up!”]
Just because he manages to pull his pants up doesn’t mean he wants them that way all the time! [Doctor S: “See you later, Daddy! We’ll be back at 3:00 tomorrow to sit in the jacuzzi!”]
Even though most of the party guests are pretty much SGL, that doesn’t mean that men and women show affection with each other- glassy affection, but still affection. [ej: “You okay, nephew?” Nephew (looks around, then grabs Girlfriend’s hands, swinging them back and forth) “Yeah, I’m cool. The party was real good, really good….” (Voice pans away, then comes back.) “This party was real good. I’m having a good time. Your bartender is a trip……” (Voice pans away again.) ej: “Oh cool.” (Looks at empty drink cups on the table, looks at Nephew and Girlfriend, and slinks away).]
All & all, the party was a big success. Without a doubt, thrown rather quickly but still a huge success. Only (!) 80 people attended, which is not necessarily what I expected, but it was still much better than an expected 150. There were 3 more parties that were going on simultaneously, so it turned the party into more of a social, laidback event with good music and good people.
Oh, and yes, the simple scrape that I thought I had made with the SUV turned out to cost $700 $1000 $1700 more than $2000. And yes, I hurt. This is my life’s lesson for this year. Guess I’m doomed to have these happen every year. Or is it destiny?
With all of the above happening in the space of 3 days, my mind has opened up to more possibilities in life and getting closer to the friendships and relationships I have. (And yes, I promise to take pics next go’ round).
Back to it, y’all….

5 thoughts on “the heat

  1. I hope you did not hit the wall when parking. That’d be really messy man. Seriously. Although.. hm, it was good for you to check the vehicle and have it inspected. We got some real nice people serving as mechanics and other-things such as who-knows-what things.
    I just can’t get enough of this. Ohhh LAWD.

  2. WOW! It seems as if the party was jumpin’ jumpin’ — With a litte bumps here and there. From the sounds of it — You, Prime, J, Wood, and everyone else in Atlanta need a long vacation.

  3. It sounds like one heck of a weekend. It also sounds like lots of beauty rest to recover is needed for all involved. I’m shocked that you didn’t let Anna rule over all of her subjects more though.

  4. Eric, honey, I had a ball! But next time I’ll have to remember to bring some potential husbands with me, so I can make use of J’s Green Apple Martinis and REALLY have fun in all those nooks and crannies of y’all beautiful home! *grin!*
    “Where is Donald?”
    “Um, I think I hear sounds coming from the bathroom …”

  5. Donald!! With all this fabulous real eastate, all you can conjure up is a trist in the bathroom??? Ok, if its the master bath then that MIGHT be ok.
    I was expecting something more along the lines of Tropical de DIC or Cine de DIC or… LOL

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