…the end of the journey

Like the two below, I still have a lot to correct while blogging, so please
be patient. I’m having wireless network/digital camera/Dreamweaver MX issues. Perhaps if I take a nap, all of it will go away…

Sunday started out very well, since I hung out with Boobie and CAC at Wishbone. I also got to meet Clare, the sibling (and unofficial god-kid). It was a wonderful breakfast, and I even got to eat lots of cheese grits without people looking at me with strange eyes.

After we finished, we walked around for an hour, and then headed back home to get ready for the MDM birthday party. This party was not in Chicago, but in the wonderful city of Dekalb, Illinois, merely (!) 60 miles away from Chicago, and just slightly more than 60 miles away from O’Hare. We took a deep breath, I packed my bags to get ready for my flight, and headed for the party.

DNA, Ripp, Big Mann, and the two god-kids were there to greet me, along with surprise guest Mama D, who made sure I was okay and assured me that she was recovering well from her ailments. Catching up with MDM is always a great thing. Being with someone since 1980 and through trials and tribulations on both ends just gives yet another boost of how great life is. MDM was happy just to make sure that I made it and I was able to walk, since he was very frantic, to say the least, about my detrimental health issues of 2001. We discussed his working practices, as well as his business on the side. With three PCs in the room, we set about to trade music. He was able to Charango with Morcheeba, scratch with DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Waltz For Koop, along with being active in other activities In return, I was able to get [insert other ones here].

For three hours, I walked up and down the stairs, bonded with my little god-kid Little C, tore it up with Ripp, and hung with DNA and TinyOne. I also bonded with other people at the party. Having not seen some of these people since the ’80s was indeed a pleasure.

DDP and I tore to the airport and I got to the gate just before boarding began. Needless to say, I have planned my next trip to Chicago during or before Halloween weekend.

And, yes, as we speak, J’s Jays are being shipped from Chitown.

The things I learned about hanging in Chicago are:
– Call as few people as possible. The others will find you.
– If you don’t like pizza, or Polishes, or steaks, then maybe you should reconsider going to Seattle. Falafel, sprouts, and tofu can be found, but really now, did you expect to go to Chicago for them?
– If you attempt to go after November or before March, reconsider. Walking In A Winter Wonderland is fun. To sing. In the house.

Back at it (with a big smile), y’all….