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the pull

I won’t be the one who’s going to let you down
Maybe you’ll get what you want this time around

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, Garbage, ‘Version 2.0’
I’ll make it short & sweet.
1. My doctor loves my health. It’s the best thing sliced bread… well, maybe breadcrumbs. The magic count for this month: 39.
2. I’ve been promised money next week. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
3. CDs will appear at my house next week.
4. IM and music go together. Interested? Email me for details.
5. Reparations? I lost my opinions while typing it in on XP. Such is life. I will more than likely revisit it next week.
6. I’ve been mad busy playing Star Trek Commander, so you’ll find me on the machine. Be sure to shout loud when you see me.
Swingin’, y’all…

9 Responses “the pull”

  1. 23 August 2002 at 00:06

    Yay for new music! Amazon messed up my order. I got an email today telling me of the error and stating it would be on its way to me soon. Please hurry. I’m growing impatient.

  2. 23 August 2002 at 13:40

    Yay for the doctor loving your health. Sending you money vibes.

  3. 23 August 2002 at 14:11

    I need a new game…or else I’m going to sell the Playstation on ebay.
    I better go shopping today.
    Good on ya for good health, man. Fo’rilla.

  4. 23 August 2002 at 15:06

    Cool health points, prique.
    But, how’s that XP holding up for ya?

  5. 23 August 2002 at 19:32

    I’m glad to hear that the doctor is lovin’ your health — Doesn’t it feel good?

  6. 26 August 2002 at 08:36

    *deep guttural growl at Amazon.com!*

  7. 28 August 2002 at 19:48

    I agree with number four. Yeap.
    I’ll take that.
    Hiya. 🙂

  8. 29 August 2002 at 09:38

    cheers to your good health! 🙂

  9. 21 January 2005 at 11:26


    I like your site, I’m just starting my own blog site.

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