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4 truths, 1 lie

Baby you send me high, like a butterfly
Flying through the trees….

Like A Butterfly (You Send Me), Masters At Work f/ Patti Austin, ‘Our Time Is Coming’
Okay, everyone’s falling for it.
One potato, two potato, three potato, four.
4 truths, 1 lie…
1. I shared a joint with my sister.
2. Sex with a woman always resulted in a climax.
3. I slept with Too $hort.
4. I was arrested at the airport and taken to the police station for the purchase of airline tickets.
5. I once had an accident every month for a year.
Okay, and now for the truths (and the lie)….

1. True. Her and her husband gave me a joint once while at their apartment in Atlanta when I worked for McDonalds & Wendys. I hated the jobs, and I hated the joint.
2. True. For the record, this happened only once. Sex resulted in a climax – for them. I cleaned myself off and went to go find the Bijou Theatre shortly afterwards to “watch a movie” (heh heh).
3. True. Yes, Too $hort and I slept together. I got an autograph for Prime too. Then I drove myself home from the airport (Atlanta) after taking an overnight flight from Prime’s abode (Oakland).
4. True. I was arrested at the O’Hare airport after one of my friends decided to purchase an airline ticket to go back home to Tennessee – from credit card numbers he retrieved from work! During check-in, airport security called the police. During that time, I was trying to talk him out of travelling. As I was walking away from the gate, they had him arrested for trying to take the flight- and also had me arrested as an accomplice. The charges ended up being dropped for both of us, but because of the charges, he was released from his job at Houghton Mifflin. To this day, he is still considered a fugitive for various other reasons- check writing, stealing, etc. He has never really learned his lesson.
5. False. As much as my closest friends believe that this is true, it is not. I’ve had an accident once a year, not once a month. And yes, I’m still considered a bad driver, all the way around.

15 Responses “4 truths, 1 lie”

  1. 23 July 2002 at 21:28

    okay, I need to process all this but I had to say that “I slept with Too $hort” had me laugh out loud.

  2. 23 July 2002 at 21:31

    WELL WELL, seems like they all could apply to u. I heard about how u were in your former days. BUT I don’t think can make a woman cum, lol

  3. 23 July 2002 at 22:44

    Hmmm, #2 is kinda tricky. “Sex with a woman always resulted in a climax.” can mean that ALL sex from the beginning of time has ALWAYS resulted in SOMEONE’S climax – man or woman. But something tells me that you’ve made some women cum (The Climax Referred To) without getting yours …

  4. 23 July 2002 at 22:50

    4 truths, 1 lie

    I’ve written a pornographic story starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and me. I’ve had sex with my sister’s boyfriend. I’ve never had sex out in

  5. 23 July 2002 at 23:29

    YOU HAVE NEVER TOLD ME ANY STORY INVOLVING YOU, A FEMALE AND JISM! Number 2, hands down, must be false. And if it is true, I’m kicking your ass!

  6. 23 July 2002 at 23:37

    Sex with Too $hort … hands down.

  7. the reveal

    truth, lies, no video tape…thank god.

  8. 23 July 2002 at 23:53

    See, I knew it! J just confirmed that #2 (my choice, just in case you didn’t know) was correct!

  9. 24 July 2002 at 00:45

    I’m going with #1. I don’t know why. But I was wrong on J’s so why not be wrong here too?

  10. 24 July 2002 at 10:48

    hey! Maybe your boy was the one trying to steal my cheddar…damn.

  11. 24 July 2002 at 13:44

    hehe…this is madd fun. :^) *wondering what too $hort would do if he read this*

  12. 24 July 2002 at 17:59

    #3 is a ruse. He says he “slept with Too $hort” not that he had sex with him (perish the thought). In fact, most of his statements are written in word-puzzle syntax.

  13. 26 July 2002 at 01:45

    I still think #5 is true.

  14. 26 July 2002 at 18:56

    If you hear any audible hissing, that will be me at your door, j.brotherlove.

  15. Byron J. Mc ELroy
    5 August 2002 at 06:54

    2 Much excitement for me. I’m going 2 bed now.

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